Project Description
Trending Topic Component is a small component (.dll/ dynamic link library) that can be installed on any rss reader application for searching and listing the hot topics from 4 most popular news websites (,,,

Trending Topic Component is created in order to complete our project on 'Pemrograman Berbasis Komponen' course. It is our final assignmet for Component Based Programming class in Duta Wacana Christian University, Yogyakarta. We choose this topic as our project because this component will help the people to find what topics is trending now by viewing the trending topic component inside RSS Reader application. So, people should not waste their time to browse the hot topic or article, just use this component into the RSS reader application. It will give and show the 5 or 10 hot topic with the links contained every topic (you can click the link and it will show the article on the reader app).

Using the code
Trending Topic Component uses C# languange as shown in the code below. Before using this component for your application, run it as Class Library (We recommend to use Visual Studio 2012) to configure : font color, 5 or 10 list of topics, and news category. Then, you can add this component as .dll into your application.

If you want use other news websites as the source to load the trending topic, just edit or add the xml reader in createReader() method. Example :
  • YourReader = XmlReader.Create("url");

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